Powerful Detox Herbs On The Block

For people who don’t want to miss a beat and be weighed down by illness, taking detox herbs (with doctor’s approval) antioxidant-rich fruits, amino acids and super nutrients are considered among the best defenses. Protecting the body from oxidative damage and obtaining superior nutritional support are important for health-conscious people these days. Toxins are everywhere in this day and age – from the food we eat to air we breathe – and may sometimes take their toll on the body. Hence, the body needs to be purged of these toxins for health to be regained. Detoxification is what this cleansing process is called.

The human body has a natural healing ability, but toxic overload may sometimes render it weak and prone to illnesses. When vital organs like the liver and kidneys are overtaxed, smooth body functioning is impaired. Some people don’t realize that their liver is getting weak, because the failure of this important organ may be a slow and sinister. Excessive alcohol intake and chronic infection plus frequent intake of modern drugs may overwhelm the liver. On the other hand, consuming too much processed food over a prolonged period can weaken the pancreas.

The body therefore requires external help to eliminate impurities and be repaired. To detoxify, some people fast. This may, however, deprive the body of essential nutrients to keep it going. A good diet and herbal detox to cleanse the body of toxins and counter the illnesses thrown at us by the environment, lifestyle and culture.

To purify the body system and bolster the immune system, herbs can do wonders. Do consult a doctor to make sure that herbs suit your physical condition. To detox using herbs, the rule of thumb is to use well-known and mild options. Some common herbs that can lessen the toxic overload on the body are garlic. Studies show garlic can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and increase the body’s ability to fight off bacterial infection (toxins), while also strengthening cells of the immune system.

Other powerful detox herbs on the block are milk thistle, which can rejuvenate the liver and stimulate development of new liver cells; Psyllium seeds, which stimulate the intestines to eliminate toxins and promote normal bowel functioning; and dandelion roots, which aid in cleaning up the gall bladder and kidneys. Taking 100 percent pure Psyllium husk mixed with water or juice can be a great colon cleanser.

Other powerful herbs that can cleanse the body are steamed nettles that can be ingested as herbal detox tea (if you cannot drink 200 ml of nettles daily, take lemon juice with lukewarm water); Cascara Sagrada, which is harvested from a tree bark and needs to be prepared carefully, and may be used with other colon cleansers; and burdock roots, hailed for its remarkable antiviral properties and can be used to purge toxins in the body (ingested as tea or as dietary supplement). Indeed, herbs can aid in eliminating toxins that build up in the body (because of pollution, poor diet, lack of sleep, and other factors). However, it’s still better to stimulate the colon on its own by drinking lots of pure water, exercising, and loading up on fiber-rich foods

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